Fill your stockings with gifts from us!

Our Holiday Gift Packages

Package 1Christmas_tree_decorations_large_T
Pedicure with Hot Stones
Manicure with Paraffin
$100 plus tax

Package 2
Mineral Bath
1/2 Hour Massage
Basic Facial
$150 plus tax

Package 3
Basic Facial
Body exfoliation
Custom Blend Foundation to take home.
$150 plus tax

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Put the Socks in the Box!

Join us in our second annual sock drive on behalf of the

Immaculate Conception Church and their charity

The Drop In.

We invite our clients to donate new or gently used socks to help Winnipeg’s Homeless. This charity is 100% run by volunteers and donations are greatly appreciated.

Thank you on behalf of The Drop In and Forget Me Not Day Spa.


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Cough and Cold Season Essential Oil Remedies

We are stocked up on essential oils for the upcoming cold and flu season here is a look at a few of our favorites. 

Immune Boost: 
Anti-bacterial, anti-viral, antiseptic and disinfectant. Stimulates the immune system and circulation. Good for bronchitis, colds, flu, and sinusitis.

Rest Assured:
An excellent blend for sleepless nights. Put a few drops on a tissue and tuck inside the pillowcase. Add a few drops to a base oil for a neck massage before bed.

Sinus Clear:flu3
• Opening and clearing to infected and congested sinuses
• Pressure point massage over the sinus area: 5-10 drops/5 ml (1 tsp) base oil
• Small aromatic inhaler carried and inhaled when needed
• Aromatic diffuser
• Inhalation: large bowl of steaming water. Cover the head with a large towel and lean over the bowl. Peel back the towel and drop 1-5 drops into bowl, cover head and inhale for 10-15 minutes.

Winter Warmer:
For colds and flus that cause chills and bone aching.
Bath – 10 drops in a cup of epsom salts or mineral salts. Bath water to be as hot as tolerated. After the bath, wrap and rest with lots of fluids.

Soothing and calming. Helps with restlessness. Use in massage oil, baths, diffusers, room sprays, scentballs, inhalers

A blend we created when H1N1 appeared. The essential oils in this blend are for flu conditions. Use in a diffuser, inhaler, bath or massage oil.

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