January and February Promotions

herbalwrapPackage #1
Steam Cabinet
Herbal Body Wrap
30 min Relax Massage
add $20 to receive full one hour massage

Treatment highlight:
You will begin with a steam cabinet session to increase your body temperature. Your body is then wrapped in an unbleached, linen sheet steamed with herbs. This treatment will relieve aches, sore muscles and remove excess body fluids and toxins. You will feel relaxed and balanced both inside and out. Please drink plenty of water before and after this treatment.

dryskinPackage #2
Atzen DNA Anti-Aging Facial
AHA Hand & Arm Treatments
add $25 to receive eye treatment
add $45 to receive light mircodermabrasion.

Treatment highlight:
We will begin with your arms gently exfoliating them to help brighten age spots and the general discoloration that come with age.
The facial is adapted to your skin care needs it includes the exfoliation of dead skin cells, manual massage and deep pore cleansing.

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