Laser Hair & Spider Vein Removal

Offering progressive permanent hair reduction since 2003

Our ND-YAG laser system provides excellent results for individuals with all skin colors, most hair pigments (excluding grey and white hair)
All treatment require a consultation for $25 prior to be treated.

Results over time

  • In the laser treatment session all of the hairs are treated. Only a certain percentage of the hairs will reappear.
  • Within the monthly or bi-weekly period (depending of the body part) of treatment the percentage of hairs will decrease.

NOTE: The total procedure normally takes approximately 1 year or less to complete.


  • Compared to electrolysis, laser depilation is much effective and precise and with less side effects.
  • Laser depilation cost over 5-year period is even more economical or equal to waxing. And is permanent reduction.

White and grey hair
Only White and Gray hair are not receptive to the laser beam. If they are still a concern for the individual they can be removed by other method. We have an electrolysis technician on staff who can address these concerns.

Spider Vein Removal
We are able to treat spider veins on the face and body. Please call for a consultation.

spider vein removal