Current Promotions

We are waiting on supplies for our newest promotion in the meantime you can still book last months promotion!

Option #1:
45 Minute Pedicure with Thai Foot Massage
+ Fusion Mask Bar with Face Massage
$95 + tax

Our new organic fusion express mask bar treatments have been specially designed to rejuvenate and moisturize your skin. Four varieties are available to best suit your skin concerns.
Our Thai foot massage involves stretching and massage to open up the bodies energy lines or “sen” as they are called in Thai.

Option #2:
Ozone Steam Bath
+ Dry Body Brush Exfoliation
$56 + tax

The use of a steam sauna should be an important part of any detoxification program.
Steam increases the eliminative, detoxifying and cleansing capacity of the skin by stimulation sweat glands and increased blood circulation. This prepares this skin for exfoliation.
Dry skin brushing cleanses the lymphatic system and removes dead skin layers. Helps to tone muscles, stimulates circulation and digestions. Can be used to treat cellulite!

Treatment Suggestions
Add on a full facial for $60
A relaxing full body massage or full Thai Reflexology for $50