Custom Blend Mineral Foundation

I love this place. ….great service from knowledgeable professionals and great products. Check out the custom blend foundation – fabulous. Why was this not available in my twenties?
Judy H

Suited for all ethnic backgrounds.
Available in Liquid and Powder form.

All foundations are custom blended to your needs.
A consultation is required for us to know what would make your perfect blend and to match your skin tone.

You can customize your foundation to include:

    • a photo ready matte, dewy or natural finish.
    • extra hydration
    • extra oil control
    • Anti-aging properties
    • extra SPF
    • Full Coverage for sun spots and acne

Custom Blend Mineral Powder

custom powder

Mineral Powders and made exclusively from micronized minerals which include micronized Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide.  These are two minerals that provide sun protection without irritating chemical ingredients. Mineral powders can provide an SPF of 17-24

Mineral Powders are:
* fragrance-free
* gluten-free
* dye-free
* bismuth oxychloride-free
* non-comedogenic

The minerals used in our powders are ideal for:
* Rosacea
* Distended Capillaries
* Blemishes
* Hyperpigmentation

Please call us 204-831-7940 to make a reservation with one of our foundation specialists.

Our Prices:
Liquid foundation $58 +
Translucent/Mineral Powder $58 +
Concealer $28
Eye shadow $20
Blush $25-35