We use a ND-Yag laser to provide effective laser hair reduction and removal of spider veins. Our laser also helps speed up the healing of cold sores and toe nail fungus!

Treatments can be done same day as consultations depending on area to be done.

Laser Hair Removal (requires a consultation $25)
We refer to this as a progressive hair removal option. Hair grows in stages and the laser can only effectively target hair in the active growth stage. Because of this laser treatments require multiple visits. The more it hurts the better in this case!

Good for all skin colors as the laser is attracted the the pigment of the hair not the skin. This option would not be effective for very light and grey hair. During your consultation we will let you know if you are a good candidate.

Spider Vein Removal (requires a consultation $25)
We can treat any part of the body including the face. Touch ups may be required after 6 months.

Cold Sore Relief $45
What are the benefits of using a laser in treating cold sores?

  • Laser energy destroys the virus that causes the sore
  • Relief is immediate and profound
  • Help prevent sores if treated once the lip starts tingling
  • Arrests the progression of the lesion after treatment
  • Promotes Faster healing
  • Treatment takes just a few minutes and without anesthesia

Laser Hair Removal

Spider Veins