Dear Clients,

Please note our doors will be locked. No walk ins will be taken. If you wish to purchase a product please call or email us ahead of time to schedule a pick up time. This includes Ideal Protein clients. Please wait for confirmation from us before you pick up your order.

What will be required for the safety of our clients and staff is to; 
  • Everyone coming in for an appointment must be on time and wait in their car until they are called in.
  • Wear a mask. We reserve the right not to serve anyone who does not wear one.
  • Upon entering hands must be sanitized. We will provide you an area to do so.
  • Your temperature will be checked.
  • Clients will be asked to fill out a disclosure form.
  • Anyone booking a pedicure must bring sandals where we can paint all toes. There will be no drying in the facility. Clients must leave immediately after service is finished.

The safety and well being of all of us is the number one priority in this difficult time. Stay healthy!

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Online Weight Loss Consultations

Now offering online consultations for our Ideal Protein Program. To learn more please give us a call 204-831-7940.

Don't pick your skin!

Have us professionally extract blackheads, whiteheads and other skin troubles. Either manually (seen above) or with our Lam Probe.

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