We are not afraid of “bad” toes. We take pleasure in helping clients relieve their pain.
Ideal for seniors, people with disabilities and the average person who gets ingrown toenails. We offer many other pedicure options, all technicians are skilled working with all nails problems. 

Clinical Foot Care $70+
Includes treatment for: ingrown toenails, thickening of the toenails and other abnormalities. Usually does not include polish as toenails might not be healthy enough to wear it.
Customized for both males and females.

Brace system for Ingrown Toenails $45- 65
Made from fiberglass thin strips are placed along the toenail results in a gentle lifting of the nail. Over time the brace corrects the abnormal curvature of the nail and starts relieving the elevated pressure in the nail fold immediately after application! Please request when booking an appointment

I have been a client of Forget Me Not for twenty years. I have enjoyed many of the services offered there and not one bad experience! The staff are very friendly and professional. The atmosphere is calm and serene, a place where you can come to unwind. It was due to Mira’s expertise that I am now able to walk pain free! I suffered for years with ingrown toe nails and she suggested the new Brace system. It works! Whats more is that it is pain free, you do not even know that something is there helping to correct the problem. The results were so good that now I have even convinced my husband to go and have his feet professionally done. He swears by the experience there as well. I hope that many more people will visit the Forget Me Not Day Spa and see what the staff can do for them. I for one, will not go anywhere else! Sue M
Sue M

We can work on all toes

This was a worst case scenario client. Don’t hesitate to book with us! 

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