Ear candling is a time proven natural therapy which offers many benefits.

How does Ear Candling work?

After a candle is lit it is placed in the ear, smoke goes into the ear. This smoke has a disinfectant action on microorganisms and various bacteria. This is a very pleasant, natural experience and often provides great relief to the patient.

The smoke will then create a gentle vacuuming out of the ears, carrying airborne particles such as microorganisms, bacteria and viruses safely out of the ear.

Proper ear candling does more than treat the symptom, but rather treats the cause of the problem.

Please note that ear candles do not remove hard plugs of wax from the ear. It may soften them and make then easier to remove but during the process no big chunks of wax will come up through the candle.

Ear candles are made of 100% pure beeswax, 100% pure cotton and 100% pure essential oils.

Many people use ear candling to help with colds, ear infections, sinus problems, headaches, ringing in the ear, hearing problems and balance problems. Some people will require extra candles.

Per ear $25
Ear Candling with Ozone $30 (per ear)
Ear Ozone Treatment (no candle) $15

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