Foot Care Treatments

Customized for both males and females. Nail shaping, cuticle finish and exfoliation are just the beginning. It’s never “just” a pedicure choose from customized treatments that hydrate, ease aches and help with problem nails.

  • Basic $65
    Includes mask on the bottom of the foot, exfoliation, lower leg massage, grooming of toe nails, callus work, foot massage along with polish application.
  • 45 min Pedicure $55
    Same great care of the feet as our basic pedicure minus the foot mask and exfoliation.
  • Clinical Foot Care $75
    Along with a relaxing foot massage includes treatment for: ingrown toenails, thickening of the toenails and other abnormalities. Usually does not include polish as toenails might not be healthy enough to wear it
  • Toe Care $40
    Includes soaking of your feet, grooming of toe nails only. Please come without polish on your toes.
  • Clinical Toe Care $50
    Includes soaking of your feet, grooming of toe nails only, meant for fungi, thick toenails or ingrowns. Please come without polish on your toes. Please come without polish on your toes.
  • Foot Nail Trim $25 – no soak
  • Hot Stone $75
    Includes full pedicure along with relaxing hot stone massage on lower leg and feet
  • Pedicure with Reflexology $95
    A full pedicure with a reflexology treatment as the finishing massage.
  • Ionic Foot Detox $35
    Benefits of Ionic foot detox are to purge heavy metals in the body, balance the bodies pH levels, help cleanse the liver and kidney as well as help to enhance the immune system. Full body detox available.

Brace system for Ingrown Toenails $45- 65
Made from fiberglass thin strips are placed along the toenail results in a gentle lifting of the nail. Over time the brace corrects the abnormal curvature of the nail and starts relieving the elevated pressure in the nail fold immediately after application! Please request when booking an appointment

Hand Treatments

Basic $33
French $38
Shellac $40 removal separate
French Shellac $45 removal separate

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