Reclaim your body from pain with our therapeutic treatments. This proven method from Europe helps enhance the healing process of injured tissue.

For optimum results, treatments need to be performed in a series; length and results depend on extent of the injury. Please call the spa for treatment prices.

What is Moor?
Situated in a unique lowland moor in upper Austria, The Moor at Neydharding is older than the Bible. Dating from as early as 800BC. Moor has been used by humans and animals alike during times of illness and injury. It has been recorded that the Celts were the first people to discover Moor’s healing and curative effects.

  • A deposit formed by the decomposition of plant matter, subsequent to the Ice Age.
  • Comprised of over 1000 herbs, over 400 of which have been proven to contain certain medical properties.
  • Contains over 200 organic substances, trace elements, essential oils, vitamins, fatty acids, lipids and plant hormones.

Distinctive qualities of Moor
The Moor has been found to possess powerful anti-inflammatory properties which make it an ideal treatment for arthritis, GI inflammations and skin problems. Moor is also be used to treat sports injuries including strains and sprains, as well as help to heal bruising.

Indication for Moor Therapy

  • Inflamed joints: Moor baths, Moor packs
  • Circulatory Disturbances: Moor partial baths and packs
  • Contusions: Moor partial baths and packs
  • Degenerative aliments: Moor partial baths and packs
  • Muscular strain: Moor baths, packs and massage
  • Menopausal strain: Moor drinks, Moor packs or baths

Body Mask Treatment Packages
These treatment will relieve aches, sore muscles and remove excess body fluids and toxins. You will feel relaxed and balanced both inside and out.
Please drink plenty of water before and after this treatment.
Reflexology will be substituted for relaxing massage if our massage therapist is not available.

Moor Body Mask
+ choose a 30 minute relaxing massage or reflexology

Localized Moor Body Packs
Designed to offer acute treatment to areas of pain and inflammation.

Hydrotherapy Tub
Water is one of the most ancient and pleasurable elements of health and beauty known to mankind. You are eased into a custom designed tub filled with Moor heated to body temperature.


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