I love this place....great service from knowledgeable professionals and great products. Check out the custom blend foundation – fabulous. Why was this not available in my twenties?
Judy H

Suited for all ethnic backgrounds.
Available in Liquid form.

All foundations are custom blended to your needs.
A consultation is required for us to know what would make your perfect blend and to match your skin tone.

You can customize your foundation to include:

  • a photo ready matte, dewy or natural finish.
  • extra hydration
  • extra oil control
  • Anti-aging properties
  • extra SPF
  • Full Coverage for sun spots and acne

Initial Consultation $25 (required for all new clients)
Liquid foundation 30 ml $58 +  /  20ml = $48+
Translucent/Mineral Powder $58 + (in stock)
Concealer $28
Eye shadow $20 (will need to mix not available same day)
Blush $25-35 (will need to mix not available same day)

At look at how we mix up the foundation.

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